Our company

Capital Fields is Polish investment group specializing in high growth Real Estate projects in rural areas. We specialize in transformation of agricultural land into construction sites for commercial and residential development around Warsaw.

Since 2009 we have raised 45 million PLN (approximately 15 million USD) from 320 investors and currently manage investments with the total area of 120 hectares around Warsaw valued at 155 million PLN (approx. 52 million USD) as of January 2013.

In our work, our fiduciary responsibility and safety of investors’ money is the matter of overriding importance. All operational, logistic and technical issues are legally secured and consulted thoroughly at all territorial units that can affect the course of investment. We actively limit the risk thanks to our unique local expertise and broad network of direct contacts developed over the years.

Thanks to unconventional investment projects on unexploited markets at an early stage and with the highest growth potential, we gain more than average profits for institutional investors. We choose projects selectively, based on complex analysis of any conditions and realistic evaluation of their feasibility. Expertise and decades of experience in the business provides solid foundation for undertaking inventive projects that offer highest growth potential. The same experts take part in the entire investment process to ensure project’s deliverables and assumptions are completely met.


Investment approach

Our business strategy is based on solid foundations. We invest in high profit potential projects at low risk in non-penetrated market segments.

Poland is one of the few European Union member states that generated high positive rates of economic growth during and after the recent global financial crisis.

We invest safely and with prudence. Taking advantage on our long-term expertise we can quickly assess potential investment returns of any land that is available for sale.

Our unique value proposition provides competitive advantage. Clear focus on well-connected rural areas and full safety of all transactions managed by experienced managing team.


Investors interested in our projects are invited to contact us.

Capital Fields Sp. z o.o.
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Tel. +48 (22) 250 9070