Investment Focus

Poland is one of the few European Union member states that generated high positive rates of economic growth during and after the recent global financial crisis. The country is perceived by investors as one of the most favorable places to invest in the world. ‘Poland is still the main Central & Eastern European property investment market according to investment activity and real estate assets liquidity.’ (Colliers International – report for the 1st half of 2012).

We specialize in transformation of agricultural land construction sites for commercial and residential development around Warsaw. Our key focus is the Warsaw metropolitan area which includes surrounding cities, towns, villages and land up to 70 km from the capital city center. Our choice results from the simple yet undiscovered philosophy – investment in cheap land outside of  Warsaw offers much higher upside potential relative to extremely expensive land plots in the city centre. Moreover, the highest investment return is generated through transformation of the agricultural land into building sites for commercial and residential property development.

Our investment approach and focus is very well aligned with long term strategies of all major retail chains operating in Poland. After building strong presence in major cities retail chains are now focusing strongly on building presence in smaller cities and towns across the country. This means that going forward the demand for ready to use construction sites for retail development will only increase. To take advantage of this trend we have recently put strategy in place to extend our investment area to other regions of Poland.