Investment Process

We invest safely and with prudence. Taking advantage on our long-term expertise we can quickly assess potential investment returns of any land that is available for sale. The managing team analyzes in details each and every real estate plot and diligently looks at all aspects of transforming it into construction site. At this stage, we assess the level of complexity to transform real estate plots into investment land, availability and costs of providing utilities to the plot, as well as evaluate the prospects for sale or further use of the site. In this process we take advantage of our wide network of external experts and advisors we have worked with over the years: land surveyors, town-planners, real estate agents and, finally, potential purchasers that we sold different plots to. Notary and legal counsel’ services are delivered by the same providers all the time to provide the highest transaction security level. Therefore, despite many barriers and issues related to such activities, we managed to avoid legal mistakes. Through this diligent process we may evaluate up to 50 sites to choose one that fits all the criteria.

The next stage of the investment process is usually to transform agricultural land into the investment one for construction, and to parcel it taking into account desired function to be delivered, like e.g. commercial, retail, service, warehouse, office or residential. Due to current legal environment in Poland, carrying out this stage in efficient way requires not only expertise and unwavering consequence, but first of all, to eliminate potential major obstacles even before the decision to purchase the land plot is made.

To provide indispensable utilities (water supply, electricity, gas, sewage system), clean the land plot and prepare necessary documentation for the building permission are next actions carried out within the framework of the investment process, that the in case of land property investment takes usually from 4 to 6 years.